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  ClothingSEWN is things handmade.

Jil Cappuccio, designer of One of a Kinds Limited Lines, makes clothing and accessories for women, men and children. She designs and drafts her own patterns, using lots of vintage fabrics. She has a discerning eye for color and unexpected pattern combinations. With over 20 years in the garment trade, she loves to sew, and all designs are handmade in house by Jil herself.

Kirsten Coplans’ line, pearl clothing, is all recycled, restyled clothing for women and men. Eclectic is the style of our times, and pearl clothing pulls together materials like vintage buttons, hand embroidery and color contrast stitching. Her sweaters – made of wool, cashmere and cotton – are hand cut and restyled, making each piece one of a kind.

The clothing in SEWN is comfortable, modern, thoughtfully made and can be combined in a uniquely individual way.

AccessoriesSEWN supports many designers who make things by hand, including jewelry makers Phryne Metal, LSR Jewelry and Lucky Me Beads. Hand painted clogs by Tessa Clogs, hand crafted soaps by Clean Getaway Soap Company and recycled rock and roll t-shirt skirts by Dandy Social Club are some of the handmade items to be found.

SEWN is a place to find splendid handmade gifts as well as vintage craft, like needlepoint pillows, crochet items and other delightful sewn goods.
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